Consumption of alcohol before driving a vehicle is a very serious offense and can result in various penalties like loss of driving license, loss of a job, increase as high-risk cover in insurance, imprisonment, etc. It's one of those offenses which may change your life forever. If you happen to be caught in such an offense, TicketZapper has experts who will represent your case in court and try to seek the best possible outcome. Simply upload your traffic ticket, and we will assist you in connecting with the Best Traffic Ticket Lawyer in North America, covering regions such as Toronto, Mexico City, and New York.


If the driver is caught carrying the drugs, the chances are not only of severe penalties but may also result in the possibility of denial of entry in some countries. If you have been charged with such an offense you will seek the immediate help of a professional. Get in touch with our team of the best Criminal Defence Lawyers near you and we will help you from conviction under this offence as once proven guilty it may even take away your freedom.


Stunt driving is considered a very serious offence by the courts and insurance companies. The implications of this offence if convicted are immense. It may cost you a lot of money, added demerit points, license suspension, and, in the end, will make a huge impact on your insurance rate. Speeding 50km/h over the said speed limit, turning left at a crossing, doing racing on the road, driving without due care or attention to other travelers on the road, etc., are some of the acts which lead to stunt driving ticket. The only way to be free from traffic tickets for stunt driving is “DRIVING SAFE” but still if you got the Traffic Ticket just share it with us and we will guide you further. The team at TicketZapper fight Stunt Driving / Racing charges regularly and have great success getting the Stunt Driving / Racing charge completely dismissed.

Dangerous Driving

This is an offence in which a driver drives recklessly without caring for the safety and lives of other people using the same highway. Typical examples being; over speeding, racing, ignoring traffic rules, ignoring road signs, etc. Conviction in such cases result into suspension of licence, fines, sentence to jail, criminal record, etc. If being charged for this, contact our experts immediately for assistance before you are proven guilty.

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